10 Country Licks for Rock Guitar Players

If you're primarily a rock guitar player but you've always been interested in the techniques and melodic ideas behind exciting country guitar players like Brent Mason, Brad Paisley and Johnny Hiland, you'll have a lot of fun learning these 10 licks.

I wrote them with players like you in mind - rock guitar players who just don't know where to get started with country guitar playing! I can relate to that feeling since I myself started out as a rock guitar player. In fact, it was only after nine years of playing that I started to take a serious interest in this style after taking a trip to the home of country music (and thousands of incredible players...) - Nashville, Tennessee.

It is my hope that through studying the technique videos and learning the 10 licks in this batch of bonus content, you will reach the end of it feeling excited to learn more about country guitar playing.

In Section 1, I break down a few of the most commonly used techniques when it comes to country guitar. These techniques include chicken pickin', fake pedal steel bends, the 'banjo roll' technique and double-stops. This section will prepare you well for learning the 10 licks in Section 2, which make use of said techniques.

In section 1, you can also study the intro solo from my YouTube video - How to Sound COUNTRY (When You're a Rock Guitarist...)

It would be great to see you try these licks out on instagram, so if you learn them and feel like sharing then please do post them to your instagram stories/feeds and I'll repost on mine! If you decide to do this, please tag me and use the hashtag #bulletproofguitarplayer so that I can find your posts easily.

My instagram handle is @rosscampbellguitarist

What's Included?

  • 10 Lick Lessons
  • Country Guitar Technique Lessons
  • Downloadable Guitar Pro TAB files
  • Downloadable PDF TAB sheets
  • Video & downloadable backing track (WAV)
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Section 1

Learn about the techniques used for the licks you'll learn in Section 2.


Section 2

10 exciting country-rock hybrid licks to help you get started with country guitar playing!