Robben Ford Diminished Blues Licks | Spicy Licks #14

This batch of bonus content is based on the YouTube lesson linked below - please watch that first before you get started with the content here!

In the YouTube video, I taught you guys about the construction of the half/whole diminished scale, discussed my thoughts on what notes from that scale can actually be considered as 'outside' notes in a blues context, and I also showed you a Robben Ford inspired lick that used the scale to create tension over the I chord right before the IV chord arrives.

In this batch of bonus content I have put together three bonus lick lessons that are exclusively available to members of

These three licks are based on the same concept of creating and releasing tension when moving from the I to the IV chord in a 12 bar blues progression, with the half/whole diminished scale being the tool used to create that tension.

In addition to the three bonus lick lessons, I've put together a video of the intro solo with the TAB and notation overlaid - you can download the TAB for this & the bonus licks in both Guitar Pro and PDF format.

The backing track used in the YouTube video is also available to watch and download as a WAV file for you to practice along with.

If you learn the solo or any of the bonus licks and want to share it with the world, please do tag me in your instagram posts and I'd love to check out your playing! @rosscampbellguitarist

What's included?

  • Intro solo video with TAB
  • Blues Shuffle in A - Backing Track (video & downloadable WAV)
  • Three bonus lick lessons that use the half/whole diminished scale over a blues progression
  • Downloadable TAB files (Guitar Pro & PDF) for all of the above
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Section 1

Study the solo from the YouTube video with TAB & notation, grab the shuffle backing track and learn three bonus licks based around using the half/whole diminished scale to create tension over blues progressions.