Blues Licks To Show Off With

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This batch of bonus content is based on the YouTube lesson linked below - please watch that first before you begin watching the content found here.

In my Blues Licks To Show Off With YouTube lesson, I demonstrated and broke down two super-charged blues rock licks in the vein of Philip Sayce, Gary Moore and SRV.

These are licks that will be bound to impress anyone attending your next gig and to expand on them I have created FIVE bonus lick lessons for paying members of

In addition to the five bonus licks (which come with downloadable TAB files) I had the intro solo transcribed in full so that you can study it in full. I've also created a video backing track for you to jam along to at home (you can also download this as a WAV file...).

If you learn any of these licks and want to share them with me, please tag me in your instagram posts/stories, use the hashtag #bulletproofguitarplayer and I'd love to check out your playing!

My instagram handle is @rosscampbellguitarist

What's included?

  • Five bonus lick lessons (streamable 4K video & downloadable TAB files)
  • TAB for the intro solo
  • Backing track (video & downloadable WAV file)
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Section 1

Grab the backing track, TAB for the intro solo and watch FIVE bonus lick lessons!