Lead Playing Feeling Stale? This Technique Will Help

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Is your rock and metal lead playing feeling stale? Are you bored of recycling the same minor pentatonic licks over and over? Do you feel uninspired and in dire need of new techniques and ideas to add to your lead playing vocabulary?

Well, you're in luck! In this free YouTube lesson, I teach you all about an exciting lead guitar technique that I'm calling 'octave sliding'.

It involves you sliding your way through the notes of the scales that you're playing with whilst picking higher and lower octaves on two separate strings.

In the YouTube lesson I break down an example of me doing exactly that in my intro solo, as well as show you a few different ways of approaching this technique and a basic exercise to get you started with using it for the minor pentatonic scale.

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What's included?

  • Solo TAB files (Guitar Pro & PDF)
  • Heavy rock backing track (video & downloadable WAV file)
  • Video of solo with TAB overlaid
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Section 1

Study the solo from the intro with downloadable TAB files and practice along to the backing track.