Play Licks Like Mateus Asato

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These bonus lessons have been created to supplement the material covered in the free YouTube lessons linked below. Please watch them first.

In a time where social media platforms such as TikTok, instagram and YouTube have allowed musicians to discover new talent and build careers from their bedrooms, it's hard to think of a more influential figure in this sphere than Mateus Asato - a Brazilian guitarist who took instagram by storm with his 15-60 second clips of jaw-dropping guitar performances years ago, when the platform was just starting to saturate itself with guitar-based content.

If you're aware of Mateus already, you'll know that he took an extended break from social media and is finally back on the platform and uploading again. Years ago, when I first started selling online courses and promoting them on my YouTube channel, it would be fair to say that Mateus was the player who influenced me the most.

So much so that I had to take a break from listening to him due to almost all of my solos sounding like versions of his...

However, now that he's back in the social-media-guitar limelight, I've really enjoyed getting back into his playing and ripping off his licks again (sorry Mateus, they're just too good not to steal).

So, I decided to make a sort of follow-up to one of my earliest YouTube lessons titled Mateus Asato's Pentatonic Shred. You can watch that video here...

In this two-part follow up, 5 years later, I'm teaching you two more licks that are very much inspired by Mateus' lead playing style, using techniques including alternate picking, double-stops and slides.

For paying members of, I've put together a huge batch of bonus content to supplement the free YouTube lessons. This includes 3x bonus lick lessons that are also based on Mateus' lead playing style, TAB files for everything played in the YouTube lessons and bonus lick videos, and the backing track for you to practice along with at home.

If you learn these licks and want to share them with me online, I'd love to check out your playing! Please tag me @rosscampbellguitarist and use the hashtag #bulletproofguitarplayer in your posts/stories.

What's included?

  • 3x bonus lick lessons (30 minutes)
  • Melodic E Major Backing Track (video & downloadable WAV file)
  • TAB files for YouTube licks & bonus licks (Guitar Pro & PDF)
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Section 1

Study three bonus licks based on Ross' Mateus Asato inspired two-part YouTube lesson and practice with the backing track