Spicy Licks #18 - Mark Lettieri Bending Lick

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These bonus lessons have been created to supplement the material covered in the free YouTube lesson linked below. Please watch it first.

Recently I was studying a Mark Lettieri solo from his track 'Stoplight Loosejaw' from the album Deep: The Baritone Sessions.

There are lots of tasty shred licks to be found in this one solo but one in particular caught my ear and as soon as I heard it, I thought to myself 'this would make for a great episode of Spicy Licks'.

It's essentially a twisted mixolydian/blues scale based lick that makes creative use of semitone bends that originate from notes outside of those scales and the resulting effect is a lick that gives you a bit of an 'outside' flavour in a very creative way.

For paying members of I've put together the following batch of bonus content to take you beyond the material covered in the free YouTube lesson, including...

  • Three bonus lessons on licks that use semitone bends to create an outside sound
  • TAB files for everything including the intro solo from the YouTube video
  • The funky drum & bass groove in B backing track

What's included?

  • TAB files for everything in Guitar Pro and PDF format
  • Funky Drum & Bass Groove in B backing track (streamable video & downloadable WAV file)
  • Three bonus lick lessons
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Section 1

Study Ross' improvised intro solo with TAB, learn three bonus licks and practice with the funky drum and bass backing track in the key of B