Chris Buck's Mastery of Grace Notes

This batch of bonus content is based on this YouTube lesson - please watch that first before you get started with the content here!

In my YouTube lesson based on the playing style of Chris Buck, I introduced you guys to four types of grace notes that commonly appear in his solos. These included:

  • Ascending slides
  • Descending slides
  • Trill slides
  • The index finger bend & slide

For this batch of bonus content I decided to put together 9 exercises that will help you guys get comfortable with adding these grace notes into your lead playing. Some of them are more musical sounding than others and could actually work well as licks to use when improvising, whereas you'll find that some of them do sound purely like 'exercises'. All of them will be worth practicing if you're someone who's brand new to adding in grace notes to your playing.

I've created 3 exercises for ascending slides, 3 for descending slides and 3 for trill slides. If you're wondering about the 'index finger bend & slide' mentioned above, that technique features as part of the exercises for trill slides.

TAB files are available to download for all exercises in both Guitar Pro and PDF format.

In addition to the exercises, I have put together a video compilation of the grace note examples from the YouTube lesson, plus the Chris Buck style scale run that I play in that same video. This video has the TAB & notation displayed on screen and you can of course download the TAB files as well.

Please remember that if you're unfamiliar with any of the music theory terminology used in these videos, you can learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of music theory applied to the guitar, in my original Bulletproof Guitar Player courses, which are included as part of your subscription to the site! Just head over to the COURSES page to get started with either of them.

If you decide to learn these licks/exercises and share videos of you playing them online, please tag me in your posts and I'd love to watch! My instagram handle is @rosscampbellguitarist

What's Included?

  • 9 bonus exercises for practicing grace notes (3 ascending slides, 3 descending slides, 3 trill slides)
  • Downloadable TAB files (Guitar Pro & PDF)
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Section 1

Learn and practice 9 exercises designed to get you comfortable with adding grace notes into your lead playing.