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Do you like the dreamy sound of the lydian mode but struggle to improvise with it? 

It’s very common for intermediate guitar players to feel stuck when they’ve spent hours practising large visual patterns for scales. The process for doing so is often straightforward enough - start with one position, run through it a number of times, move onto the next one and repeat until you’ve committed them to memory.

That’s not the hard part.

The hard part comes when you try to use those scale patterns to improvise solos with over backing tracks. I believe that memorising scale patterns is a valuable process to put yourself through in your practice but simply committing those visual shapes to memory won’t mean you’re instantly able to play tasteful, melodic solos instantly.

So what can you do to help extract licks and phrases that sound like music, out of those scale patterns? 

Well, when it comes to the modes of the major scale, there are so many improvisational nuggets that you can find within each of them to help you phrase things in a musical way, as opposed to the robotic way that’s often the result of running up and down scale patterns with no thought given to the notes you’re playing. 

With lydian, one improvisational nugget that I like to experiment with in my own improvisation, is the several pentatonic approaches you can take to soloing with the lydian mode. 

In this free YouTube lesson, I take you through the three types of major pentatonic scale you can visualise and play when improvising with lydian - the fourth mode of the major scale. 

These pentatonic structures will change the way you think about the lydian mode when improvising and when put into practice, will get you closer to your goal of being able to write and improvise tasteful guitar solos with the lydian mode.

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  • 3x bonus lick lessons that use pentatonics with the lydian mode
  • Downloadable TAB for everything (Guitar Pro & PDF)
  • Dreamy Backing Track in E (downloadable WAV & streamable video)
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Study three bonus licks that use various lydian pentatonic approaches, get the TAB files for everything and practice to the backing track!