Inspired by Andy Timmons | Spicy Licks #15

This batch of bonus content is based on the YouTube lesson linked below - please watch that first before you begin watching the content found here.

'Electric Gypsy' by Andy Timmons is such an enjoyable song to learn and play on the guitar. The opening riff is very reminiscent of the way in which Jimi Hendrix would blur the lines between rhythm and lead playing with the use of double-stops, hammer-ons and pull-offs and melodic lines that link the chord changes.

One technique used in said riff that I always loved was Andy's use of open strings to play the root notes of the first two chords in the progression - D and A major. (***the original is in Db and tuned a half step down - for this lesson I am in standard tuning and playing the song a half step up from the original recording).

Andy opens the riff with melodies that use the open D string in combination with fretted notes on the G string that target the major 3rd of the D major chord. He then applies the same idea over the A major chord, using the open A string to cover the root note and again playing melodies on the D string that target the major 3rd of the chord.

I ended up writing a lick that starts out very similarly to the opening notes of the Electric Gypsy riff and I thought that it would be a good fit for a Spicy Licks episode and so here we are!

For this batch of bonus content, I have included a video backing track of the opening chords to Electric Gypsy in D major, which you can also download in WAV file format for offline access.

I have also put together three bonus lick lessons on licks that are designed to follow and highlight the chord changes of the tune. As always, downloadable TAB files in Guitar Pro and PDF format are available for everything you hear - including what's taught in the YouTube lesson.

If you learn any of these licks and want to share them with me, please tag me in your instagram posts/stories, use the hashtag #bulletproofguitarplayer and I'd love to check out your playing!

My instagram handle is @bulletproofguitarplayer

What's included?

  • Electric Gypsy style backing track in D (video & downloadable WAV)
  • Three bonus lick lessons (Streamable 4K Video)
  • Downloadable TAB files for everything
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Section 1

Learn three bonus licks that sound great over the Electric Gypsy backing track!