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This bonus content is based on a free YouTube lesson - Use This Tool To Create MEMORABLE Solos

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Do you feel like you run out of ideas when you’re soloing? Like you’ve played every lick that you know and can’t possibly think of anything else? If that’s the position you are in, I’m guessing that your solos currently consist of a series of licks you’ve memorised over the years that don’t make much logical sense when thrown together in the context of one solo.

The best improvisers are, in my opinion, the ones who are able to develop the dynamic of their solo and tell a story with the notes that they play from beginning to end. 

So how do you go from playing solos that sound like a bunch of memorised licks thrown together at random, to playing finely crafted and developed solos that are actually memorable for the listener?

Well, using a concept called a ‘motif’ would be a great start. A motif is a small chunk of musical phrasing that you can repeat and alter in different ways throughout the course of your solo. 

Listen to my solo at the start of the YouTube video that this bonus content is based on - there are three small phrases that I repeat throughout it. Three motifs. I played the SAME three phrases TWO TIMES each within the space of around 30 seconds. So, when players come to me looking for soloing advice because they feel like they don’t have enough licks, I’ll ask them - well, why don’t you repeat the licks you’ve already played? 

There is no rule to say you can’t do that!

Turn some of your phrases into MOTIFS and use them to DEVELOP your solos in interesting ways.

If you haven't already, I would encourage you to watch the lessons on motifs towards the end of section 3 in Part 1 - Master the Fretboard before you work your way through this bonus content.

The material you will find here is designed to expand upon what I discuss and demonstrate in this free YouTube lesson about motifs.

What's Included?

  • Motif breakdown of the solo played in the YouTube video
  • BONUS 24-bar solo to learn with a breakdown of the motifs
  • PDF attachments for solo breakdowns
  • TAB files for both solos (PDF & Guitar Pro)
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Section 1

Get the TAB files for the main solo and follow Ross through a breakdown of the motifs used. Plus - learn an additional BONUS solo with 5 different motifs to study.