Play THIS Over Blues Turnarounds | Spicy Licks #13

This batch of bonus content is based on this YouTube lesson - please watch that first before you get started with the content here!

In the YouTube video I taught you Matteo's turnaround lick that utilised a Maj7#5 arpeggio built a tone below the root note of the I chord in a 12-bar blues progression. It's not an arpeggio that you come across very often, in fact this is an example of 'outside' playing in the blues that I had never come across prior to me watching Matteo's Blues Shuffle in G video.

For this batch of bonus content, I decided to put together four of my own licks that utilise this same unusual arpeggio in a number of different places across the fretboard. We're still working in the key of G, but I've deliberately created these licks to show you other ways of playing this arpeggio across different string sets and using different fingerings to how Matteo plays it in his video.

As well as the four bonus licks, you also have access to a video of the intro solo with the TAB and notation overlaid - the TAB files (Guitar Pro & PDF) can be downloaded. The backing track is also available to watch in video format on the site but can be downloaded as a WAV file for offline use.

Please remember that if you're unfamiliar with any of the music theory terminology used in these videos, you can learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of music theory applied to the guitar, in my original Bulletproof Guitar Player courses, which are included as part of your subscription to the site! Just head over to the COURSES page to get started with either of them.

If you decide to learn these licks and share videos of you playing them online, please tag me in your posts and I'd love to watch! My instagram handle is @rosscampbellguitarist

What's Included?

  • Solo video with downloadable TAB files (Guitar Pro & PDF)
  • Blues Shuffle in G Backing Track (Video & WAV download)
  • Four bonus lick lessons with TAB (Guitar Pro & PDF)
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Section 1

Study the solo with the TAB files, download the backing track and learn FOUR bonus licks that use the same Maj7#5 arpeggio.