Sob Rock Style Guitar Parts

This batch of bonus content is based on the YouTube lesson linked below - please watch that first before you get started with the content here!

John Mayer's 'Sob Rock' album has reignited my love for 80s soft rock guitar parts & tones.

Tracks like Last Train Home, Wild Blue and Shot in the Dark are full of guitar parts and sounds that are reminiscent of the soft rock hits of the 1980s - think Don Henley, Cutting Crew, Toto, Duran Duran, Dire Straits... the list goes on.

In this YouTube video I set out to create my own track that was also inspired by these artists and in doing so, I wrote a few different guitar parts that are intentionally reminiscent of the guitar playing and tones heard on the Sob Rock album.

For the tones I used the Archetype: Tim Henson plugin from Neural DSP which was perfectly suited to this video/track as it has everything you need for chasing 80s guitar tones - crystal clear clean tones, high gain leads, compression, chorus, beautiful sounding delays and reverbs and so much more.

Click here to download my 80s style presets

The four different guitar parts I came up with are:

  • Single Note Staccato Riffs
  • Double-stop Diads
  • Nylon String Textures
  • Epic 80s Leads

Members of have exclusive access to the TAB files for these guitar parts plus the backing track with my guitar tracks removed so that you can practice them at home.

If you decide to learn these guitar parts and want to share them with me, please tag me in your instagram posts (@rosscampbellguitarist) and use the hashtag #bulletproofguitarplayer

What's included?

  • Videos of each guitar part with TAB & notation overlaid
  • Downloadable TAB files (Guitar Pro & PDF)
  • 80s Soft Rock backing track (video & downloadable WAV)
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Section 1

Learn each 80s guitar part with downloadable TAB files and practice to the backing track.