Start Bending From THIS Note...

This batch of bonus content is designed to supplement this free YouTube lesson - Start Bending From THIS Note... | 3 Free Licks!

Be sure to watch that first before you dive into any of the bonus content found here!

Here's a link to the backing track from Elevated Jam Tracks that Ross plays over in the YouTube video

Today we’re looking at how bending up to the perfect 5th from the b5 can add another level of SPICE to your minor pentatonic and blues scale based licks.

Bending up to the 5th from the perfect 4th is a very common bend for guitarists to play when using the minor pentatonic scale and there is nothing wrong with it at all, it sounds great!

However, I’ve always been a fan of bending from notes that you wouldn’t usually bend from. The b5 is one of said notes and in this free YouTube lesson I demonstrate how bending from it can really change the sound of your licks. I also play through three free licks I wrote using this b5 bend to help you get started!

Members of get exclusive access to the TAB files of the solo played in the YouTube lesson (transcribed in full by Levi Clay), as well as three BONUS licks to study.

I hope that you enjoy learning these and if you do, please share you playing them with me on instagram!

My handle is @rosscampbellguitarist - use the hashtag #bulletproofguitarplayer in your post and I'd love to check out your playing!

What's Included?

  • The TAB files (PDF & Guitar Pro) of Ross' intro solo, transcribed in full by Levi Clay
  • Three bonus licks to study that incorporate the b5 bend (TAB files included)
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Section 1

Study the solo from the YouTube lesson with the TAB files (PDF & Guitar Pro) and learn three BONUS licks using the same b5 bend!