The Voodoo Child Chords

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This batch of bonus content is based on the YouTube lesson below - please watch that first before you get started with the content here!

Voodoo Child (Slight Return) is a song that effectively changed my life. I vividly remember hearing the uniquely expressive wah-wah-laden intro riff for the first time and being absolutely blown away by the sounds that Jimi Hendrix was able to get out of his guitar.

I loved jamming along to the intro and spamming my memorised bank of minor pentatonic licks over Voodoo Child backing tracks online but the chord voicing's that Hendrix played in the songs chorus always threw me for a loop, resulting in me just skipping playing that part altogether...

However, now that I'm a lot more developed as a musician (after 16 years you would hope that I am...) I'm able to explain to you precisely what these chord voicing's are and how you can use them in your own playing.

This extended version of the YouTube lesson provides you with three additional ways of applying major triad inversions to the same section of Voodoo Child.

You also get access to the backing track and TAB files for everything played in the video, including the intro!

What's included?

  • Extended version of YouTube lesson with three bonus examples of applying major triads to Voodoo Child
  • Voodoo Child backing track (video & downloadable WAV file)
  • TAB for everything (downloadable Guitar Pro & PDF files)
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Section 1

Watch the extended version of Ross' 'The Voodoo Child Chords' YouTube lesson with three bonus examples of applying major triads to the song. Download the TAB files for everything and jam along to the backing track.