This Lick Will FRUSTRATE You... To Begin With!

This bonus content is based on a free YouTube lesson - This Lick Will FRUSTRATE You... To Begin With!

Click here to jam along to the backing track produced by Elevated Jam Tracks

In the YouTube lesson mentioned above, I demonstrate a lick that is melodically, quite simple. It's a basic ascending run in D mixolydian. However, the techniques used to play it make the lick quite 'frustrating' to pull-off, at least initially!

If you're signed up to the site and you don't know much about the mixolydian mode/scale, you can learn all about it in Bulletproof Guitar Player Part 2 - Advanced Concepts - available in the courses section of the site!

If you are new to using a technique called chicken picking (AKA hybrid picking), and incorporating open strings into your licks, this one will help you get started with both. As I mentioned, the melodic content of the lick is simple - it's an ascending run in D mixolydian but the techniques used force you to focus heavily on what's happening with your picking hand.

To make this one sound clean with the inclusion of the open strings, you'll need to carefully mute unwanted strings with your picking hand. This is demonstrated in the YouTube video so be sure to pay close attention.

I wanted to show you guys how this lick could be incorporated in the context of an actual solo, so I recorded one over the backing track used in the intro and had it transcribed in full by Levi Clay.

What's Included?

  • Video of Ross' solo with the TAB on screen
  • PDF & Guitar Pro files of the solo - transcribed in full by Levi Clay
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Section 1

Grab the TAB files (PDF & Guitar Pro) of the solo played by Ross in the YouTube video.