Blow Minds With These Three Pentatonic Runs!

Are you constantly playing the same old licks using the minor pentatonic scale?

Do you look at shredders like Phil X and Joe Bonamassa and wonder 'how on earth do these guys play such mind-blowing licks using the minor pentatonic?'

Well, you're not alone. I used to struggle to get creative with this 5-note scale and I too would look at players of that calibre and feel inspired but at the same time I admittedly felt a little bit hopeless...

I could not fathom how they were able to create such blisteringly fast, technical and fresh-sounding lines using the same scale that I'd been playing with for years.

Everything I played with the minor pentatonic sounded re-hashed, cliché, stale, repetitive... and if you're nodding your head reading this, then you yourself know exactly what I mean!

Fortunately I was able to move past that and unlock new approaches to using the minor pentatonic by simply looking at what those guys were doing in great detail.

I would watch videos on YouTube, pick a scale run that I liked the sound of, slow the video down and loop it over and over, I would even tab out the line in Guitar Pro note-for-note and after doing so I was able to analyse what was going on and figure out the key ingredients that made, say, a Joe Bonamassa pentatonic lick, sound so damn amazing!

So in this free YouTube lesson, I'm sharing with you THREE pentatonic scale runs that take influence from the likes of Phil X and Joe Bonamassa so that the next time you take a solo on a gig, you can turn heads with your newfound pentatonic approaches!

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  • 3x bonus pentatonic scale run lessons
  • TAB files (Guitar Pro & PDF) for everything
  • Ad-free version of the YouTube lesson
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Section 1

Watch an ad-free version of the YouTube lesson, get the TABs for the scale runs from the YouTube lesson and learn THREE new pentatonic scale runs!