Your Minor Solos Suck... So Try This!

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These bonus lessons have been created to supplement the material covered in the free YouTube lesson linked below. Please watch it first.

Do you suck at improvising in minor keys?

Are you tired of feeling like you only ever run up and down minor scale positions without playing anything that sounds remotely 'musical'?

Do you wish you could find a way of actually making music with scales in minor keys?

Well, this free YouTube lesson and accompanying bonus lessons for site members, offers a solution to the above. When soloing in minor keys, the main go-to scales for many players include the natural minor and minor pentatonic scales.

This makes complete sense as the minor pentatonic is essentially a 'skeleton' of the natural minor scale and of course, the natural minor scale is well suited to use over chord progressions in minor keys.

However, there is something very simple you can do to add a little more 'heat' to your minor solos and it's to throw in a 'raised 7th' and solo with the harmonic minor scale - a scale that is taught in the 2nd Bulletproof Guitar Player course - Advanced Concepts

The raised 7th in harmonic minor is just one semitone / one fret higher than the ♭7th in the natural minor and minor pentatonic scales - which means it's just one fret below the root note of the key you are playing in, making it fairly easy to locate across the fretboard.

So, adding in raised 7th's now and then can go a long way to making your minor solos sound more musical. But not only that, when you solo with harmonic minor, you can take advantage of a tool that is found naturally within the scale. Something that instantly makes it easier to develop musical sounding licks with. What I'm referring to is...

The augmented triad

The augmented triad is something that I teach in depth in the 1st Bulletproof Guitar Player course - Master the Fretboard. It's essentially a symmetrical, three note chord containing a root, major 3rd and ♯5. In harmonic minor, there are three notes that this triad can be built from - the minor 3rd, perfect 5th and raised 7th.

It can be found all across the positions of the harmonic minor scale and as you will discover from learning the licks in the YouTube lesson, as well as the three bonus licks available here at, it makes it a lot easier to come up with musical licks when improvising with the harmonic minor scale.

So, if you've made it this far, I'm guessing that you do still want to get better at soloing in minor keys?

Well, you can get started by watching the free lesson first, then come back here and dig into the bonus content which includes three bonus lick lessons using the harmonic minor scale, TAB files for everything and a downloadable minor blues backing track to practice with.

What's included?

  • Three bonus lick lessons using the harmonic minor scale (streamable 4K video)
  • TAB files for all solos and licks (Guitar Pro & PDF)
  • Downloadable Minor Blues backing track in A
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Section 1

Study three bonus licks, practice the solos with TAB and play along with the minor blues backing track.