What I Learned from John Mayer's Instagram - Bonus Material

In my free YouTube lesson based on a John Mayer livestream, I analysed his playing and broke down a specific lick to highlight a number of concepts that John will often use in his blues playing.

With this collection of bonus material I have expanded on these concepts by writing three additional licks of my own that incorporate them.

These concepts include:

  • Playing 6th's
  • Switching between major and minor pentatonic/blues scales (with the same root note)
  • Developing a lick with the use of 'motifs'
  • The 'mixolydian triad pair'

These bonus lesson videos make frequent references to theory concepts taught in both of my original guitar courses:

  • Bulletproof Guitar Player Part 1: Master the Fretboard
  • Bulletproof Guitar Player Part 2: Advanced Concepts

If you are a new subscriber to the site - both of these courses are included as part of your subscription, meaning you have access to a combined 8+ hour long guide to fundamental music theory for guitar players.

As always, if you ever have questions for me about how the site functions or the instructional content itself, please DM me on instagram:


If you feel like posting video of you playing these licks, please use the hashtag #bulletproofguitarplayer and tag @bulletproofguitarplayer in your post - I'd love to check out your playing!

What's Included?

  • 3 bonus licks (30 minutes of streamable HD video lessons)
  • Downloadable TAB and notation PDF's & Guitar Pro files
  • Downloadable backing track to practice with - Slow Blues in D
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Section 1

Learn how to take the concepts used in John's lick even further with these three additional bonus licks!

Bonus Licks & Tips