What I Learned From Mateus Asato's Instagram - Bonus Material

If you watched my YouTube lesson on a lick I learned from watching one of Mateus Asato's instagram videos, take your knowledge further with this collection of bonus content - exclusively available here on!

I have written and recorded three bonus licks for you to practice and add to your playing vocabulary - they are all based on the approaches to using 6th's within the major scale that were demonstrated in the YouTube video.

Lick #1 focuses on the use of odd-note groupings to creatively outline 6th's within the major scale - the 2nd half of the lick is mostly working out of the major pentatonic scale but with the addition of the major 7th from the major scale itself. As mentioned in the video, you can check out my lessons on 'soloing framework' (visualising pentatonic scales whilst being aware of surrounding notes that can be added from larger scales) in Bulletproof Guitar Player Part 2 - Advanced Concepts, which is available as part of your subscription to the site.

Lick #2 is a great example of using 6th's to descend the fretboard, and it includes a large slide into a bend way up the fretboard on the G string.

Lick #3 uses 6th's on the G and high E strings. The sequence of 6th's that begin the lick lead you into a descending major pentatonic passage, that ends with a nice, simple melodic phrase that uses octaves.

It would be great to see you try these licks out on instagram, so if you learn them and feel like sharing then please do post them to your instagram stories/feeds and I'll repost on mine! If you decide to do this, please tag me and use the hashtag #bulletproofguitarplayer so that I can find your posts easily.

My instagram handle is @rosscampbellguitarist

What's Included?

  • Three bonus lick lessons!
  • Downloadable Guitar Pro TAB files
  • Downloadable PDF TAB sheets
  • Video & downloadable backing track (WAV)
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Section 1

Learn three bonus licks based on the approaches to using 6th's demonstrated in the YouTube lesson. The backing track and TAB files are also available for download.

Bonus Lessons