Your Boring Licks Need This Video

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These bonus lessons have been created to supplement the material covered in the free YouTube lesson linked below. Please watch that first.

Are your guitar licks feeling stale? Does everything you play sound the same? Have you been feeling particularly uninspired with your lead playing as of late?

If that's you - don't fret. We all feel like this as players from time to time and it's completely normal. Sometimes the fix can come in the form of taking a short or extended break from playing altogether but for some of us that just simply isn't an option when your income is dependent on you playing and/or teaching guitar.

So if you can't avoid picking the guitar up despite feeling uninspired, what can you do to ignite that spark again and give some life back to your playing? When I'm feeling this way, one approach I'll often take is to think to myself...

'What would *insert inspirational guitar players name* do in this solo?'

In this particular case, the guitar player that came to mind for me was Mateus Asato. I've always found his playing style to be so good for getting me to think outside of my usual playing habits. His creative use of techniques such as tapping, bending, double-stops and slides is just so musically inspiring.

So when I composed the intro solo for this YouTube video, I was trying my best to channel my inner Mateus Asato and play the melodic ideas that were coming to mind in creative ways that I thought he might explore.

That's what this YouTube lesson is all about - encouraging you to think creatively when playing solos and play things that you wouldn't normally consider.

For this batch of bonus content, you of course get the usual TAB downloads and the backing track to practice to. In addition to that, you also get streamable access to three, exclusive bonus lick lessons that will get you thinking outside the box the next time you go to write or improvise a melodic guitar solo!

Feel like sharing your guitar playing with me online? Tag me in your instagram posts (@rosscampbellguitarist), use the hashtag #bulletproofguitarplayer and I'd love to hear you play anything you've learned from watching the lessons on this website.

What's included?

  • Downloadable TAB files for the intro solo (Guitar Pro & PDF)
  • Downloadable backing track (& streamable video)
  • 3x bonus lick lessons, streamable in 4K
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Study the intro solo with TAB files and learn three bonus licks