Your Guitar Solos Suck... This is Why

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Many guitar players struggle with the task of 'serving the song' when it comes to recording solos for the artists that they play with.

Inappropriate tonal choices, leaving no breathing room, neglecting to play anything memorable and sometimes just showing off fancy licks for the sake of it - these are all common traits of lead guitar players who don't understand that often times, your job as a session guitar player is not to make yourself the center of attention, but to enhance the music of the artist(s) you're playing with.

That doesn't mean that you can't play flashy licks, or use a distortion pedal... but it does mean that you have to show an awareness of the dynamics, mood and overall vibe of the track that you're playing over and make that obvious in your solo.

In this free guitar lesson I break down some of the most common mistakes I see guitar players making when recording solos for other artists and offer solutions to said mistakes by deconstructing two solos that I recorded over the same backing track. One solo is completely inappropriate for the track, the other is one that I feel 'hits the mark' and serves the song.

If you have an active subscription plan you have access to the TAB for the good solo from Ross' YouTube video plus the backing track.

What's included?

  • Downloadable TAB files for the good solo (Guitar Pro & PDF)
  • Downloadable backing track (& streamable video)
  • 4K video of good solo with TAB overlaid
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Get the TAB for the good solo and practice it with the backing track